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Welcome to the home of opportunity, engagement, accountability, and fellowship. As we begin to navigate our way in a post-pandemic new normal, we must not assume that racism and inequity have ceased nor desisted. The new “reckoning” looks different but is still grounded in systemic and institutional disparities and challenges. AFRAM continues to raise awareness and promote social change within our union. Your membership is more than signing an application. It is your commitment to possessing good intentions when the caucus addresses perpetuated injustice and the racial heirarchy in our communities, states, nation, and even within our union. Your dedication to achieving racial equity among our labor membership and staff is imperative to the core and success of our caucus.

Click on the link to find out more about the SEIU AFRAM Caucus!


You may also reach out to Secretary-Treasurer, Trent C. Holmes (seiulocal400pgsectreas@gmail.com). Trent has been an active member of SEIU AFRAM, serving as Recording Secretary for the DMV AFRAM Caucus as well as Secretary-Treasurer for the Eastern Region AFRAM Chapter for over 12 years. He can provide more insight regarding the inner functions and works of AFRAM as well as its historical value in the labor movement.